Interdependence is the main feature of our economy and especially when it comes to a small country like Greece, with a weak economy, which should be developed in an international economic and geopolitical environment, which is uncertain, turbulent and ruthlessly competitive.

The recovery that we are all discussing at some point of course soon shall return to world tourism, although it is not possible to be determined exactly on the basis of previous crises, and especially this one that has very special features.

I recently read in a study by Ipsos Opinion that only 4% of consumers believe that brands need to stop advertising, but they emphasize that the approach and the content need to change.

In the same study, I note that the issue of “health safety” (safety protocols) is now perhaps the most important request of potential visitors in general.

It is important for all of us to point out and congratulate the coordinated efforts of the Greek government, but also the response of all of us, because it is particularly important that all the necessary measures were taken in time to reduce the spread of the virus.

Till today, our country has shown a sense of responsibility and seriousness in the European and international environment, which will “receive” it in the near future, as long as it continues to move at the same pace as planned and it is important that we all continue together.

The government’s priority continues to be on delaying, containing and preparing the country to minimize serious illness and economic disruption. We must all do our part to prevent transmission of COVID-19 and I ask that you all follow the advice of the Government’s health officer.

We need to be more prepared and united now than ever before, as we still have a long way to run and we are heading for uncharted areas.

We are also working on ways to support businesses and organizations affected the most by the restrictions on travel and gatherings. I am speaking with my Cabinet colleagues daily and the Ministry of Tourism so to be well informed of impacts to people and businesses in the tourist sector.

It is also important to broaden and maintain the production business and the wider economy until the crisis is normalised, and it must be the main concern of the state.

The structure and scope of economic policy decisions at the European level is a crucial contributor to this.

In this important period I also believe that we should work decisively and smartly, because this is for all of us. It is a restart in every respect.

Tourism plays an important role in safeguarding and protecting local heritage. Now is a good time to focus on engaging local communities to document the unique history and culture of the destination and ensure that it is safeguarded for future generations and shared with visitors.

Our experience extends to exhibit design and interpretation for museums and visitor attractions using state of the art technologies to enhance the visitor experience.This is the best way to add quality to the new era in tourism, products and services, unlocking the potentials of special interest tourism fields.

Furthermore, promoting sustainable practices in the entire circle of the tourism industry is a guarantee that Greek tourism can be essential to the country’s effort for development.

Our main focus is to communicate and interpret the significance of the environment, promote minimal impact practices, ensure the sustainability of the natural and cultural environment, and motivate visiting tourists to evaluate the quality of life in relation to larger ecological or cultural concerns.

Greece, first of all, is an idea, and is on the list with the most beautiful countries in the world and we ought to keep it that way.

Every event teaches and evolves us, so we keep in touch with our people, we communicate, and for whatever concerns us technology is the tool. This means we do not lose contact.

It is a period of knowledge, development, strength to feed ourselves spiritually, mentally, physically, and a good time to foster collaborations and cultivate  relationships that interest us.

Everything goes through its own cycle and we must act wisely and reprogramme and stay focus on our target so that we can recognize our inner strength and calmness and use it positively in any uncertain scenarios.

We ought first of all to ourselves and our children, to discover the hidden blessing that is hiding here and to find our way synchronize with it.

Finally, I want to take a moment to acknowledge that this is a stressful time for everyone. I encourage you all to take care of yourselves, your families, and your friends during the difficult days ahead.

I will close these thoughts with a prayer.

Give me the beauty of the soul and claim me with the harmony of soul and body. Help me count the wise as rich…and give me the wealth that only the restrained man can endure and maintain. – Socrates

President of the Greek National Tourism Organisation