About Our World

Since our first edition in January 2011, Our World has come a long way: from a forum of ideas, to an arena for enlightenment that seeks to become a driving force for a better world. From newspaper form for the first 8 years, the edition evolved into magazine form. From thoughts on the past and the present to ideas about the present and the future.

Our World’s pages have hosted more than a total of 584 bright minds. More than 33 heads of state have shared their vision with us in the last eight years. Our readership has also expanded: Our World reaches more briefcases, desks, boardrooms, lobbies, coffee tables, and lounges as well as more mobiles and tablets, laptops and television screens than ever before.

Yet through its development, its raison d’être, stands unchanged, resisting the sirens that would see the status quo endure in times of crisis.

In the development of these editions, we are not seeking writers and contributors; sponsors and advertisers; we are seeking people and organisations who share our vision: no other that our world needs inspiration and passion and boldness for a better tomorrow. We are looking for those who want to break the shackles that humanity has imposed on itself; people who, like us, have become tired of words like ‘adequate’, and have developed status quo fatigue.

Many people look at Our World as a publication by opinion leaders for opinion leaders; by influencers for influencers. In reality, Our World is written by, and for, those who care more about substance than titles. Through the publication, we are building a community for change-makers.

Join us.

Alexandros Koronakis
Editor, Our World