About the Faith illustration

Divide and Decay


Illustration title: Divide and Decay
Concept: Alexandros Koronakis
Illustration: Lavrentis Horaitis

Among the many expectations we have of modern societies is that they not only accommodate diversity, but guarantee rights and protections when it comes to faith and freedom of belief. Historically faiths have indeed caused divisions and even suffering – particularly when they have been perverted by extremists Yet they have also laid the backbone of our societies through the instilling of value sets, but also strengthening notions such as family, happiness, and work ethic, and defining what has been used as a moral compass.
This illustration shows a society with an evolution of faiths, both the old and the new, but also society’s growing distancing from belief systems and religions, and the dangers that such a divide not only poses, but we are witnessing manifestations of. A loss of values, a careless existence of environmental deterioration, and the tragedies of violence, war, greed, and injustice. This is not to say that faiths and religious structures, convictions and beliefs can be leveraged against the diseases in our societies as a cure, but that in this day and age, we cannot turn a blind eye to the contributions and that faiths have to offer