This year marks our tenth anniversary edition: ‘Our World X’, and we selected Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis as the national leader that is inspiring change and evolution. Prime Minister Mitsotakis is one of the few heads of state globally that managed to overcome the wave of populism that has swept the planet; his country now disenchanted with the previously growing extreme right political forces. With just over half a year under his belt as the country’s leader, Greece’s economy has rebounded, investment is growing, and above all, the uncertainty of Mitsotakis’ European counterparts about the future and previously perceived potential for instability has faded.

On the European side, leading the edition is European Parliament President David Sassoli. President Sassoli leads the gem of European democracy at a time where the institution is stronger than ever before. Sassoli presides over the institution that sits with such an intricate balance that they can hold national, international, and European leaders accountable, and so far Sassoli has so far not been one to shy away from standing strong.

Our World started out as a project of ideas. We wanted to do something extraordinary with a publication that seeks change.

In 2011, we decided that the first edition of New Europe newspaper of the year would be entitled ‘Our World’, and invited leading minds from the political, business, academic, and civil society world to discuss our shared future through the lenses of our individual and collective challenges. In 2018, the publication moved from the newspaper medium, to magazine format, morphing into a foresight publication that sits somewhere between the realm of a journal and a newspaper, with its own website.

We are proud to have included in Our World’s pages over 600 contributors including over 35 heads of state, 80 members of Parliament, 80 C-level executives, 50 national ministers, 25 central bankers, 20 European Commissioners, and at least 5 Nobel laureates.

We are grateful to all the companies and organisations that have helped make this project viable this past decade. From the smallest to the largest, sponsors and advertisers have made it possible for Our World to exist.

We are also happy to have helped organisations by offering over €300,000 worth of pro bono advertising space to issues and causes that share our commitment for a better world. From the very beginning, Our World has offered entities who actively do good for our societies this opportunity in its pages, and we endeavor to always do more to give back.

We hope you enjoy Our World X, thank you for reading and being part of our global community.

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Alexandros Koronakis is the Editor of ‘Our World’, and the Editor of New Europe newspaper.