Journalism: Media Literacy in the Digital Age

Media Literacy in the Age of Digital Discovery

Before the Internet came into our daily life, French Philosopher Michel Foucault could put forward that the theory that we don’t live, die, or...

Lieven Taillie

President of the Association of European Journalists in Belgium.

Fake News 2019: Empower Citizens, not Trolls

Nowadays our world seems to be dominated by fear of fake news and efforts to find solutions against its devastating effects. But are we...

Madeleine de Cock Buning

Chair to the Regulatory Authority of the Media in The Netherlands

Categorising Fake News and the Role of Media Literacy

Fake news covers a multitude of sins. Despite the fact it has become a popular phrase – not least from certain world leaders –...

Jamie Bartlett

British author and journalist, primarily for The Spectator and The Telegraph.


Looking right and looking left

The distinction between what is right and what is wrong has always seemed to be the principle upon which leaders are expected to act....

Andrianos Giannou

Director of European Affairs at New Europe newspaper.