Leadership: Visions for Our World

Listen More and Better to Put International Co-Operation Back on Track

The author Gore Vidal once remarked that there was not a single human problem that could not be solved if people did as he...

José Ángel Gurría

Secretary-General of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

Time to Focus on European Public Goods

For over a decade, articles and op-eds about Europe have been framed from the perspective of crisis, and, every outlook for the year ahead...

Martin Selmayr

7th Secretary-General of the European Commission

Overcoming The Trust Deficit

A prosperous, secure and united Europe will not be delivered to us on a silver platter. We will have to fight for it more than...

Dimitris Avramopoulos

European Commissioner for Migration

Transatlantic Relations: Difficult Decisions Ahead

As the son of European immigrants to the United States, I’m proud to call myself an Atlanticist; my heritage has given me an enduring...

Gordon D. Sondland

United States Ambassador to the European Union.

Humanity’s Finest Work of Art

In times like these, when we are overwhelmed by the speed of changes around us and we feel a certain loss of overview and...

Giovanni Buttarelli

European Data Protection Supervisor.

Values Shape Ethical Choices

I can’t think of a time in history when the need for ethics and integrity mattered so much. As former U.S. Supreme Court Justice...

David Huntley

Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer of AT&T Inc.

The EU is Not Enough

Are you afraid of flying? To some degree everybody is. Does the thought of turbulence make you fasten the seat belt that little bit...

Adina Vălean

Member of the European Parliament since 2007

Europe: From Project to Project(ing) a Common Future

Europe is stuck. Stuck between a newly muscular, dystopian and uncompromising version of the American dream and Xi Jinping’s ‘Chinese dream’ for the ‘great...

Julia Harrison

Senior Managing Director at FTI Consulting.

Political Polarization: Is there an Antidote?

Political polarization, in very general terms, refers to the divergence of political views, attitudes, and beliefs and is often associated with ideological extremes.  More...

Erica Lutes

Executive Director of the Fulbright Commission

Globalization at a Crossroads

Whether or not one realizes it, 2018 may have been a historic turning point. Poorly managed globalization has led to nationalist “take-back-control” movements and...

Gordon Brown

Former Prime Minister and Chancellor of the Exchequer of the United Kingdom

Living Other People’s Dreams, and Knowing When to Start a Revolution

7,676,147,823 That’s how many human beings are alive on this earth, at this very moment. Compared to that figure, there are very few people in...

Alexandros Koronakis

Editor of Our World, and Editor of New Europe newspaper.