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This year marks our tenth anniversary edition: ‘Our World X’, and we selected Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis as the national leader that is inspiring change and evolution. Prime Minister Mitsotakis is one of the few heads of state globally that managed to overcome the wave of populism that has swept the planet; his country now disenchanted with the previously growing extreme right political forces. With just over half a year under his belt as the country’s leader, Greece’s economy has rebounded, investment is growing, and above all, the uncertainty of Mitsotakis’ European counterparts about the future and previously perceived potential for instability has faded.

Leaders of Our World

Sowing the seeds of our future

Progressive governance requires transformative leadership. This is the challenge in today’s Europe and Greece is leading the way. After a decade of crisis that...

Kyriakos Mitsotakis

Prime Minister of Greece

Fascinating but Dangerous Times

This decisive period in our history poses many challenges, but it also offers us extraordinary opportunities, which we must seize if we are to...

David Sassoli

President of the European Parliament

Our World X: Editorial

This year marks our tenth anniversary edition: ‘Our World X’, and we selected Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis as the national leader that is...

Alexandros Koronakis

The EU in Our World

Charging up for the Future

A few days ago, the new European Commission adopted its first Work Programme: a true testament to our commitment to build “a Union that...

Maroš Šefčovič

European Commission Vice President for Interinstitutional Relations and Foresight

Liberals are Renewing Europe for the New Decade

2020 is the start of a decade like no other Europe has faced. For the first time in its history, a member of the...

Hans van Baalen

President of the ALDE Party since 2015

A New Chapter of the EU’s Foreign Policy

Today, the global order based on universal rules and values is either being called into question or taken advantage of. At the same time,...

David McAllister

Member of the European Parliament from the European People’s Party (Germany), and Chair of the Committee on Foreign Affairs

To Stand for What we Believe in

The freedom of movement of goods, capital, services and people has created a whole web of relationships and shared interests in the European Union....

Laura Codruța Kövesi

The first Chief Prosecutor of The European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO)

A Safer and Healthier Europe Depends on All of Us

As I am writing this piece, fires are raging across Australia, all while the world is, once again, facing serious threats and geopolitical instability....

Ville Itälä

Director General of the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF)

Europe’s New Division

The conflict between old and new member states is putting the EU to the test. The Union threatens to break apart without a solution. A...

Otmar Lahodynsky

President of the “Association of European Journalists” (AEJ)

Our Digital World

Building a New Security Ecosystem

As we turn the page on 2019, the new political cycle in the EU is kicking fully into gear. The von der Leyen Commission...

Margaritis Schinas

Vice-President of the European Commission, Promoting our European Way of Life

The Future of the Internet in the 2020s

Grasping the opportunities for one internet Last year, we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the ‘birth of the Internet’. What started as an educational...

Göran Marby

CEO and President, ICANN

Embracing the Innovation 5G will Bring About

Technology now is creating and disrupting on shorter and shorter cycles.  It is breaking down old ways of doing business and introducing fresh competition. ...

Brendan Carr

Commissioner, Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

Advancing a Shared Values Policy Framework is the key to Innovation and Development Goals

We are living through one of the most exciting periods of technological innovation in human history. Rapid digitization, the coming ubiquity of mobile technologies...

Karim Lesina

Senior Vice President, International External & Regulatory Affairs, AT&T Services Inc.

GDPR: In or Out of Control?

European politicians proffered that General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regime would level the playing field with big tech and put users in control, but...

Roslyn Layton

Visiting scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, Visiting researcher at Aalborg University Center for Communication, Media, and Information Technologies and a Vice President at Strand Consult in Denmark

Outlining New Regulatory Horizons

A computer-Internet-mobile-broadband-driven age is one the forces shaping the social and economic landscapes. A very interesting approach about this understanding has been presented by...

Leonardo Euler de Morais

President, Agência Nacional de Telecomunicações (ANATEL), Brasil

The Importance of EU Digitalisation in the 21st century – Building Bridges

The European Customs Union celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2018. The success of the Customs Union is an unprecedented feat of technical and political...

Spyros Ntokoros

Head of EU Delivery and Country Manager, Belgium, INTRASOFT International

Changes in the Global Audiovisual Market

How smart regulation could spur competition and benefit consumers Prompted by technology innovation, the global audiovisual market has undergone almost constant changes in industry and...

Raul Katz

Director of Business Strategy Research at the Columbia Institute for Tele-Information, President of Telecom Advisory Services, LLC

Our Global vs Local World

Coming Together Against Cancer

Cancer is a word that carries more weight and more meaning than many other words. It is a word that 40% of us will...

Stella Kyriakides

European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety

How to Overcome Discontentment with Democracy

The existence of a social discontentment with representative democracy and its supposed failure in selecting legitimate and stable governments is undeniable. This phenomenon is...

Rodrigo Maia

President of the Chamber of Deputies of the Federative Republic of Brazil

Narcisism and Polarization

In South America, we have come to name the concept of political polarization “la grieta” or “the rift.” In its own, unique ways, it...

Jorge Fontevecchia

CEO of Perfil Network

Making Policy for an Unstable World

A volatile global environment The current volatility of the global environment can be observed with depressing regularity. The level of downside risks and the potential...

Fabian Zuleeg

Chief Executive & Chief Economist of the European Policy Centre

Lessons From ‘A Year of Tolerance’

2019 was the ‘Year of Tolerance’ in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).  For us as Emiratis, it was a statement of how we embrace...

Amal Al Haddabi

Founder and Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the Bussola Institute, Brussels

Make NATO Great Again

At the dawn of 2020, as the U.S. and Iran pulled back from the brink of war, U.S. President Donald Trump called for expanding...

Mikheil Saakashvili

Former president of Georgia and governor of Ukraine’s Odessa region

The UK’s Long Drift Away from the European Union

On the evening of 23 June 2016, having knocked on doors all day, I sensed with considerable despondency that the referendum would produce a...

Martin Westlake

Visiting Professor at the College of Europe, Bruges; Visiting Professor in Practice, European Institute, London School of Economics

Forgotten Brexit

In 1993 when the AIRE Centre was set up, the EU consisted of 12 countries. With the UK officially out of the EU as...

Matthew Evans

Director of The AIRE Centre (Advice on Individual Rights in Europe)

Georgia – in the Footsteps of the Ancient Silk Road

Georgia has always been a cross-roads of civilization. It was here that Europe’s oldest hominid fossils were discovered – ancient ancestors of Homo erectus...

George Ramishvili

Founder and Chairman of Silk Road Group. An entrepreneur with over twenty years’ experience, George founded SRG in 1996, initially as a transportation and logistics business. Under his leadership SRG has expanded into the telecommunications, real estate, tourism and energy sectors

Migrating to a New Decade

In an era of uncertainty, rapid technological advances, and a changing global balance of power, migration can be regarded as both a consequence and...

Foteini Kalantzi

A.G. Leventis Research Officer at South East European Studies (SEESOX), University of Oxford

Tackling Global Challenges Requires Stronger City Diplomacy

City diplomacy is on the rise. Its success will depend on our ability to harness it and curtail power-politics through an inclusive and multilateral...

Neva Sadikoglou-Novaky

Fellow at the London-based Localis Think Tank. She has represented Conservative local and regional authorities in the EU as Secretary General.

The Road to Growth in Our World

Rethinking Transport – For Sustainability and Economic Growth

Transport will change more over the next 10 years than it has over the last 50 years. This new era is already characterised by...

Adina Vălean

European Commissioner for Transport

Europe Should Untap the Full Potential of the Transatlantic Relationship

Transatlantic relations have seen better days. It has sometimes been too easy for us Europeans to complain about the Trump administration. But when friends...

Antonio López-Istúriz White

Secretary General of the European People’s Party and Member of the European Parliament from Spain

A-merica, B-rexit, C-hina

European Trade policy “ABCs” A new year, a new decade and a new Commission may be the perfect combination to make a new start when...

Anna-Michelle Asimakopoulou

Member of the European Parliament from the European People’s Party (Greece), and Vice-Chair of the Committee on International Trade

A Vision for the 2020s: How the EU can Lead in Industry this Decade

2020 is likely to be an era-defining year. A number of developments have surfaced over the last few years that will challenge industry, policy...

Maxime Bureau

Chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce to the EU (AmCham EU)

Sustainability Priorities and Competition Law Policies – A Meeting of Minds

The recurring weather anomalies that have struck the world in recent years, have focused minds on the importance of taking radical measures to protect...

Peter Alexiadis & Alejandro Guerrero

Peter Alexiadis is Founding partner of the Brussels office of Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher. He serves as Partner-In-Charge of the office Alejandro Guerrero is a Qualified lawyer in the Brussels office of Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher

Gazing into the Energy Crystal Ball for 2020

While events concerning Iran, or indeed Libya and Venezuela, may cause some short-term price volatility, it is the export volumes from the United States...

Kostis Geropoulos

Energy & Russian Affairs Editor of New Europe newspaper

Humanity & Society in Our World

A New World View

Having travelled, ran, and been immersed in every country on the planet I have a unique and privileged perspective on the world. I’d like to...

Nick Butter

British athlete, writer, and speaker, Nick Butter is the first and only person to run a marathon in every country in the world

Making One Woman’s Success, a Success for Every Woman

Slowly but surely the glass ceiling is cracking. Women everywhere are achieving great things, and securing leadership positions in some of the biggest companies...

Shanu S.P. Hinduja

Chair of Hinduja Bank, Co-Chair of the United Nations Global Accelerator and Professor of Leadership at the University of Bolton's Institute of Management

The Greatest Source for Optimism is Our Youth

The start of the year is always an opportune time to reflect. To tear down the undesired, preserve what is working and forcefully bring...

Abhinav Kumar

Chief Marketing & Communications Officer – Global Markets, Tata Consultancy Services

The Lenses which guide us and the ideas that drive us in Our World

Gender Violence, Migration, Poverty, Identity, Xenophobia.

Xoliswa had returned earlier from the nearby shebeen drunk, which was not unusual for her. Now, she needed to go to the toilet, which...

Greg Marinovich

Master Lecturer, Journalism, Boston University. South African photojournalist, filmmaker, photo editor, and member of the Bang-Bang Club. He has received multiple awards, including a Pulitzer prize and United Nations Award of Recognition for Services to Humanity

The Challenges of Education in Today´s Europe

Our societies are changing, becoming more diverse, more mobile and more digital. Whether in tapping into the opportunities these changes offer or grappling with...

Sabine Verheyen

Member of the European Parliament from the European People’s Party (Germany), Chair of the Committee on Culture and Education

The Transforming Power of Journalism

The debate on the role of journalism throughout society is increasingly important and urgent. In a polarized, often intolerant world, this debate can no...

Douglas Tavolaro

CEO of CNN Brazil

Are Transatlantic Exchanges Still Relevant?

Reflecting on 30 Years of the Fulbright Schuman Program In early February 1990, Dr. William Glade -- then the Associate Director for Educational and Cultural...

Erica Lutes

Executive Director of the Fulbright Commission in Brussels

The Impact of Religion on Education

How far can religion impact on education?  And what is the role education plays on religion? Religion can be defined as a system of norms...

Lahouari Benarba

President of Les Jeunes du Monde Unis

The Business of Prospective Thinking and the Art of “Reasoned” Guessing in Journalism

Prospective thinking is a booming business. Data or ‘facta*’ in Latin are the raw material humans use already for centuries on a daily basis...

Lieven Taillie

President of the Association of European Journalists in Belgium

End Note

Their World

Is it really Our World? May you live in interesting times, goes the Chinese wish, and it seems that we live in interesting times, indeed. 2020...

Basil A. Coronakis

Founder and President of the New Europe Group

As a Disorienting Decade Closes, a Perilous One Begins

A world without American leadership and in search of a fairer, post-carbon economic model is finely balanced between ascendant authoritarianism and popular protest against...

Roger Cohen

Roger Cohen has been a columnist for The Times since 2009. His columns appear Wednesday and Saturday. He joined The Times in 1990, and has served as a foreign correspondent and foreign editor

Kicking the Industrial Age’s Worst Habits

The steam engine and its successors changed the world. Now, thankfully, the computer and its kin are changing it back. Why do I say “thankfully”?...

Andrew McAfee

A co-director of the Initiative on the Digital Economy and a principal research scientist at the M.I.T. Sloan School of Management. His latest book is “More From Less: The Surprising Story of How We Learned to Prosper Using Fewer Resources — and What Happens Next”

Outdated Borders Are Strangling Liberal Democracy

The global battle over borders reached a fever pitch this year. President Trump continued to push for hundreds of miles of wall between Mexico...

Carles Puigdemont

The 130th president of Catalonia, from 2016 to 2017