Understanding Algeria as an American in Luxembourg

About nine years ago, I was a university student in Seattle, Washington attending my first college class. The history professor prefaced his syllabus speech...

Chelsea Elzinga

first-year doctoral student of French literature, culture, and language at Stanford University.F

Internationalization at Home through Student-led Organizations

International mobility is becoming an essential part of every student’s curriculum. The Erasmus Impact Study (2015)  has shown that 64% of European employers consider...

João Pinto

European citizen born in Lisbon one year after the creation of the Erasmus Programme.

Redefining Qualified: Education in the Migration Debate

I recently spent an academic year as a Fulbright Scholar learning about vocational education and job training programs intended to promote refugees’ labor market...

Narintohn Luangrath

Based in Brussels, Belgium as a 2016-2017 Fulbright- Schuman Grantee.

The Catalyzing Power of Educational Exchange

In recent times, a number of key societal debates have been subject to increasing polarization. As discussions frequently appear depicted as black and white,...

Richard Steppe

Fellow of the Research Foundation Flanders at the KU Leuven, Faculty of Law.