How a person conducts his/her life is directed and controlled by his overall philosophy and beliefs about life and living.  Whatever your philosophy and beliefs are, it is that which dictates your conduct with people around you and your overall actions in your life.

What are your core philosophical beliefs?  Do you see a world with abundant resources or do you see a world of scarcity? Do you believe that people are spiritual beings, or do you think that they are meat bodies run by a ganglion of neurons?  Are you an advocate of free enterprise and democracy or do you support totalitarian systems such as fascism or communism?

Whatever your beliefs, it is what dictates how you conduct your life.  Consequently, the sum total of the beliefs of a citizenry is the philosophy by which their country will be run on.  These beliefs will be represented by the political system or political party if you will, which the majority of citizens will vote in power, and that political party will run their country and set the rules and laws to be governed by.

My core belief is that the political system which a country is run on is the most important element that dictates a country’s well-being in present time and for its future. 

If the political system of a country is that important then we as citizens must be extremely careful as to what system, individually and as a country in general support and promote.

At one end of the political spectrum we have the free enterprise system, and at the other end we have the totalitarian systems such as fascism and communism. People have debated these two opposing concepts for years; but even the most fervent advocates or opponents of the two camps have never fully analyzed the difference of the two sides. The differences of the two camps; Free Enterprise vs Communism, Fascism or any other system which leads to totalitarianism such as pure capitalism and socialism are vast.

As such, the thought process and philosophy of people who support free enterprise vs totalitarian systems is also very different.

People do not see things in the same way but have vastly different viewpoints with each other in terms of what they see and what they understand about life.  These differences come about from the people’s different realities and understandings about the world.  These realities are the data people use to formulate their overall philosophy about the world and life in general.

I realize there are many other possible realities in the world at large of which no one can totally know all, no matter how wise or resourceful one is. For example, I have witnessed or read about, people who had vast power over others, such as teachers, priests, kings, or presidents, in different totalitarian systems, make very bad decisions which affected their students, or their followers and it scared me.  The fear did not come from the bad decisions these people made but from the fact that the people under them had no choices.  The lack of choice and the arrogance of the omnipotent decision makers in these totalitarian systems made me realize that people in high positions don’t know all and or don’t care to observe better, especially if they have a monopolistic or tenure position. 

Two people can’t possibly have the exact same reality or same understanding about things. In the future man will go to space, conquer and develop other planets just as we see in futuristic movies.

What you and I don’t like about these futuristic films is that they portray societies which are not very democratic, and justice is based on suppressive governments, business monopolies or individual strong man self-interests. These futuristic societies do not look very appealing at all. In fact, they are very scary places to live in.  What is the common thread?  Totalitarian political systems with enterprises which are monopolistic conglomerates and in bed with suppressive governments.

These films portray a future of inevitable totalitarian states and economies which suppress individuals and individualism and turn them into machines.  It does not have to be this way.

Don’t be fooled by your apathetic “friends,” who say history repeats itself and that all things will come out alright at the end.  No, history does not repeat, that’s a falsehood.   Athens is no longer the center of the world as it was 2,500 years ago. Neither is Rome.

These apathetic people also think that others will ultimately realize their mistakes and that if they support communism and it fails, they will revert back to free enterprise.  Really?  When did this ever happen in history?  Once communists are in power, they stay there, and the corruption is rampant.  Unfortunately, no great culture on earth has ever come back from the ashes.  Once it goes down, its stays there.  Yes, there are resurgences but never like its previous self, it’s like an almost, lacking its old true flavor.

We need an enlightened critical mass of educated citizenry; otherwise you or your children will find yourselves in a suppressive society controlled by electronics and no justice with no way out.

Dr. Alexander Alemis is the founder and CEO of Family Dental Care, one of the largest dental groups in Chicago, with over 150 employees. He immigrated to the United States from Greece at the age of 16. Dr. Alemis has created an extensive series of seminars which he presents internationally. He is the author of numerous books and articles. He is also the founder of Anodiki Poreia, a management consulting firm based in Athens, Greece.