With great power comes great responsibility. No government on Earth have established a stronger and more totalitarian control over its society than the Chinese Communist Party. No other government holds its citizens in a tighter grip. With totalitarian and draconian powers, the Chinese Communist Party must be held responsible for its handling of the COVID-19 virus and the damage it has done to the world.

Mahatma Ghandi once said that ”The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”. If Ghandi was right then the greatness of communist China is far less than its economic and military power suggests.

In 2002 the Chinese SARS-virus spread fear around the world and killed people in 37 different countries. The SARS-virus most likely originated in the Chinese wet-markets where live animals are being kept, sold and butchered in the most horrific, inhumane ways.

Yet, by all accounts, the Chinese Communist Party did not take sufficient action to stop these practices.

In 2007, microbiologists in Hong Kong alarmingly reported that the way the Chinese handled wild animals in their wet markets is “a ticking time-bomb”.

Still, the Chinese Communist Party did not listen and refused to take action.

When the COVID-19 virus broke out in Wuhan the CCP’s initial reaction was to ignore it as if nothing had happened. The second reaction was to silence anyone who choose not to. Several of the initial whistleblowers were persecuted by the CCP and have since disappeared. 

A study from the University of Southampton recently showed that if Chinese authorities had reacted only three weeks earlier, transmission of COVID-19 could have been reduced by 95 per percent.

The responsibility for the deaths and the suffering that we currently are experiencing in the West hence falls heavily on the Chinese Communist Party. The Corona virus, however, is only the latest in a long line of human suffering that the totalitarian CCP has caused since it grabbed power in 1949.

We are now the ones to make a choice. How the West manages to respond to the grab for world domination from this bloodstained totalitarian regime will determine the future for our children and grandchildren as well as the fate of our civilization built on freedom and democracy. We also cannot allow the left-wing forces in our own countries to divide and weaken our societys from within. Our civilization and the values for which it stands are at stake. In these testing times, if we are to stand a chance, we must rediscover and strengthen the roots of our civilization, our self-confidence, and our old alliances.

Member of the Swedish Parliament - Former Leader of the Sweden Democrats