Is it really Our World?

May you live in interesting times, goes the Chinese wish, and it seems that we live in interesting times, indeed.

2020 is emerging as a most interesting decade, yet it proves difficult to foresee, as many elements, countries and personalities are involved and western societies, after being dormant for decades, are now looking for the ‘new’.

Our world is facing new challenges which must be properly addressed. Environment and climate change, the need to shift to cyclical economies, human rights, and pandemics, just to name a few. To efficiently deal with these challenges we need to set new values and new socio-economic rules.

In this context all major powers, the USA, Russia, China and Europe must come together into a common understanding to deal and adapt to the new challenges. The ‘new’ is coming because it is part of social evolution and we cannot avoid it. And for those who may be thinking about it,  it is not wise to try to stop it because you will risk turning evolution into revolution. Societies are living creatures and eventually obey to the rules of nature that allowed us to evolve as a species and peacefully and honestly work together so to go to the next phase.

Societies, driven by the younger generations, are looking for a good, easy, and peaceful life and are looking for these new values in the context of a society of justice, respect for one another, with new social, political and economic relations among people with the long term view the salvation of the planet and Environment will inevitably be the new ideology.

The new emerging situation, requires intelligent, and unconventional handling and our main task is first to realize what is coming and then assess how to get there while minimizing damages.

What we need, at this moment, is leadership.We need young, capable and clean political leaders to drive societies through a smooth transition and set for new socio-political rules, new principles and new values.

New political leaders that will understand and interpret the social signals that citizens are broadcasting globally. The administrators ruling Europe today, excellent linear thinkers that see Calvinism as the panacea to cure all kinds of problems, must be peacefully cast aside. Indeed, our leadership today, considers that whatever is happening is due to the rise of the “far-right”, thus they fight fiercely against the ghosts of the past and do not understand the political switch of the European societies is not to far-right but to anarchism.

Our youth is educated, jobless, intelligent and always with a smartphone in their pockets. It is not far-right, far-left or far-center. It is fed up with austerity, which it believes it is driven by corruption. This is what turns them into anarchists, by conventional standards.

In reality, those young people, are not anarchists but are the ‘new’ which is emerging and if we do not understand what it is, what they want and how to orderly make the transition, to ‘Their World’, (‘Your World’ if you are talking to your kids, or ‘Our World’ as they like to think of it) they may well prove far more dangerous than old-fashioned extremists.

New Europe Media founder & CEO.